Leigh Taylor-Young’s career in entertainment covers over 30 years of outstanding achievement in film, theater and television. She is a recognized actress of stature with remarkable versatility and knowledge in all aspects of media. Whether as an actor, public speaker or media host and interviewer, Leigh displays passion, spirit and heart which are reflected in every dimension of her life.

Leigh is acutely aware of the power of the entertainment industry and the collective reach of media. She is a public speaker and interviewer who is committed to speaking on behalf of vital causes that shape our world. Her contribution to the entertainment industry has afforded Leigh the opportunity to meet with many great leaders of our time. Her Keynote speeches and addresses for such well respected organizations as the Institute for Individual and World Peace, the United Nations Environment Programme, The Better World Society, Hands Across America, EduCare Foundation, and The Society of Prayer for World Peace, to name a few, have helped shape new ideas and forge new relationships for the betterment of our world.

Leigh’s journey of personal spiritual growth and experience spans more than three decades. She has traveled the globe many times, meeting and studying with renowned spiritual leaders and teachers. Her continual exploration into the heart of spirituality gives her a profound knowledge and a deep personal understanding. A minister and dedicated spiritual student, Leigh is a joyful example of living a spiritually based life.

Concurrent with her spiritual endeavors, Leigh Taylor-Young has maintained active participation at the forefront of the Alternative Health Industry. Health and fitness are a passion with Leigh and she makes it her business to remain abreast of the latest advances in these fields. She is a knowledgeable champion of the best alternative health modalities, techniques, technologies and products. Her keen grasp of the effectiveness of the new age health industry has promoted in-depth relationships with top level physicians, alternative practitioners and product developers.

The successful integration of career and unique personal pursuits has produced a dynamic, distinguished person; a recognized Emmy award winning actor and someone who exemplifies spirituality, self discovery, health, fitness, new age awareness and womanhood.

Leigh is a bridge connecting alternative health and spirituality into a new vision. On the cutting edge of innovative ideas and modalities, Leigh’s expansion into the Internet is a natural progression. Her years of experience and exploration into Spirituality, Alternative Health and Media makes her a valuable contribution to the new fields of body mind and spirit.

Her accomplishments in the entertainment industry provide a perfect foundation from which to promote web sites and educate the public through hosting of television, radio and web-cast interviews.

An inspiring speaker and recognized actor, Leigh is an outstanding choice to represent web site’s and their services to corporate affiliates, corporate interests and the ever-expanding universe of customers. Whether speaking at national and international conferences or bringing the benefits of these sites to corporate structures, Leigh’s confidence, competence and intelligent presentation can increase the outreach and effectiveness of these sites and their businesses.

Learn More About LTY’s Work with the Following Organizations


United Nations
Women’s Health
Peace Awareness Labyrinth & Gardens
Movement of Spiritual Inner Awareness
The Better World Society
Spirit of Peace Meditation

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