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LTY Featured in New Perspectives

Allan Hartley, publisher/editor of New Perspectives interviewed Leigh Taylor-Young. She lives her life openly and with great passion. In this interview she shares about certain times in her career and her spiritual life that were of great insight and changed her life forever.
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LTY Featured in Total Health

Total Health featured Leigh Taylor-Young, discussing her role as a spokesperson for Women’s Health Month as it exemplifies the statement that in order to talk the talk you have to walk the walk.
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LTY Featured in Body Mind Spirit

Leigh Taylor-Young “had it all.” By the age of 23, she had already had a hit Broadway show, a leading role on television’s hottest night-time soap, a feature film co-starring Peter Sellers, and was married to Hollywood idol Ryan O’Neal.
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LTY Featured in Grand Magazine

Leigh Taylor-Young doesn’t want her granddaughters to see her — on television, that is.
One of the stars of the popular NBC daytime series Passions, Taylor-Young prays that Sophia, 7, and Veronica, 4, won’t turn on the TV one day and discover that she’s an actress.
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LTY Featured in Journal of Longevity

Advisory Board member Dr. Bob Delmonteque spoke To Leigh Taylor- Young about her health secrets so that they could share her success with their readers.
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