TV Pilots


Created by: Jay Bernstein and Michael Buttler – Character name: Police Sergeant

Produced by: Jay Bernstein – Network: CBS, 1985

Starring: Michael Paré, Michael Beck

My comment: The first job where I was fired. They said I was I was too glamorous to be a police sergeant!



Created by: Alan Spencer – Character name: Elizabeth Strack

Produced by: John H. Wood – Network: Fox, 1989

Starring: Tony Perkins

My comment: This was one of the funniest television comedies I had ever read, and it absolutely did not “translate” in the production. A big disappointment for everyone.



Created and written by: Chris Abbott – Character name: Nita Davenport

Produced by: Tom Selleck – Network: CBS, 1991

Starring: James Coburn

My comment: A small but charming role that allowed me to pick up my good friendship with James Coburn.

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