Written by: Jerome Chodorov Based on a play by Claude Magnier
Character name: Jeanette

My comment: This was a big coup to work for Gower Champion at 21 in my first professional job on Broadway. The dream I held for myself to work in the Theatre had come true. This success for me, set the stage for Peyton Place later the same year, 1966.


Written by: Samuel Beckett
Character name: The Assistant

My comment: I was so proud to be a part of such a superb Beckett production. This experience allowed me the opportunity to travel, meet Beckett, and develop a treasured friendship with David Warrilow, a great Beckett actor. There were many transcendent creative moments that occurred while performing in this play.

LTY Writes About The Beckett Plays: Catastrophe


Written and directed by: John Cassavettes
Character name: The Lawyer

My comment: Knives was the first time I was exposed to the chaotic brilliance of John Cassavettes. He adored actors. This is hard to find sometimes amongst directors. The role wasn’t very big, but that didn’t matter. I simply thrived in the nourishing artistic environment around John Cassavettes.


Written by: Neal Bell
Character name: Sally

My comment: This was a play in a series of new plays “in progress” at the Mark Taper Theatre. Judd Nelson was in it, as well. It was innovation at its wildest. I remember being given a full page monologue to memorize one hour before a matinee. I managed to pull it off. An actor does these things occasionally to test themselves!


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